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Brown bear hunting

Unfortunately the hunting of the Brown Bear is currently suspended by the Romanian Government.

The brown bear hunting in Romania is done over the bait in the spring and over the bait or driven in the fall. Shooting distance will range from 40 to 60 meters for bait hunts and from 5 to 80 meters for driven hunts.

Roebuck hunting

Most of outfitters from Romania, including ours, will conduct the hunting for roe buck by spot and stalk. Basically, what you do is driving around with the car inside the hunting grounds

Wild boar hunting

The wild boar hunting in Romania is done over the bait and stalking all year around and driven hunts are in the fall and in the winter. Shooting distance can range from 30 to 60 meters over the bait and anywhere from 5 to 60 meters for driven hunts.

Wolf hunting


Chamois hunting

Although Romania holds the biggest chamois subspecies in the world, the numbers of the animals is not that high like other smaller subspecies of chamois. Because of this fact it is vital to hunt in the areas with the most dense population of chamois.

Wild Duck hunting

We offer this hunt is 2 different districts for wild duck hunting in Romania. First area is located on the Olt river and it is a classical duck hunt. A typical day will start very early in the morning.

Fieldfare hunting

We offer fieldfare hunting in Romania in 2 different districts. First area is located very close to Bucharest, at the bottom of the mountains, in a huge vineyard about 20000 hectares. Here the best results are registered in October, just after the grapes are harvested.

Quail hunting

Most of the time, the quail hunting in Romania is combine with the doves hunt. A typical day will start very early in the morning. You will be wake up early in the morning, 45 minutes before the first light and serve a hot coffee or tea and a sandwich.

Red stag hunting

The red stags of our remote Carpathian Mountains have always been prized and Romania has produced some of the largest stags ever taken. In September the mountain valleys ring with the roaring and clashing of fighting stags.

Fallow buck hunting

We can offer fallow deer hunting in Romania in 2 different hunting areas, both in West of Romania. First area is a real hunter’s paradise with a huge number of bucks, some over 5 kilos and some even bigger.

Cull hunting

For those wanting to hunt Romania on a budget, yet experience the fabulous level of service and hospitality that our country is famous for, this is it! This cull hunting package it is a roe deer hunting that includes 12 roe deer females and 3 full days of hunting in Romania…

Pheasants hunting

Most of the pheasants hunting in Romania is combine with partridge hunting as those birds usually share the same habitat. A normal day will start around 8 o’clock in the morning with a great breakfast.

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About Romania Hunting Outfitters

Our company has a combine experience (between his 4 outfitters) of more than 35 years of guiding all over Romania. Over the years we grow and expand our hunting grounds to almost 48 permanent hunting areas for bears, chamois, red deer, fallow deer. roe deer, wild boars but also for small game. More than 90% are private areas, with zero poaching and great trophies and high number of animals. More than this, every year we add 2 or 3 new hunting areas, offering to our clients so called “exploratory” hunts where our clients can try the new areas for a fraction of the normal hunt cost.

Romania hunting outfitters offer help arranging all aspects of your hunting trip. What is the best flight for you with or without guns, things to do before or after the hunt, shortest way to import your trophies, suitable hunting area for your demands and many, many more. We also offer all included packages, with us you don’t have to worry about ho many kilometers your guide droves during the trip,, how much is the extra single room or what are the costs for Romanian hunting licence and insurance. Everything is included except the alcoholic drinks and shells.

Last but not list, we are proud that we can offer a wide range of options for every inquire that we have. If you always dreamed of a chamois trophy but physical condition is very low and everybody told you not to do it because you chances for a nice trophy are close to zero, contact us! When you are looking for a lifetime roebuck trophy but your budget is only for an average one, contact us! If you are an addicted for wild boars driven hunts but you find a mass of hunting companies all over internet, offering hunts from 1000 euro up to the sky, promising you a lifetime trip, contact us! What we want to underline here is that we will always be honest with you and will tell you what are the real expectation
for every area. This is the advantage of having multiple options in every hunt.


Romania has a long history of hunting and remains a remarkable hunting destination, especially because of the wild game animals that can be found in huge forests still untouched by the human civilisation. Our country is home of a high numbers population of brown bears, wolves, lynx, red deer, chamois, red deer, wild boars and roe deer. More than 60% of the European brown bear population lives here in Romania and we also have the biggest chamois subspecies in the world, Carpathian chamois. The red stags of our mountains are facing the wolves and the lynx every day and night and therefore are probably the most vigilant and difficult to hunt stags in the world. But Romania is not famous for the big game only. We also have a fantastic small game population and we are one of the few country with a fieldfare hunts and the only European country where you can still hunt skylarks legally.


Between World War II and the fall of the communism, big game hunting was extremely limited, and permits were granted almost entirely to the members of the Communist Party. The most famous of all was none other than Romanian former dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. After the fall of Ceausescu, hunting returned to normal and was promoted, and foreign hunters also started to come. The country was open for international hunters for sportsmen. After a short paradise in the early 90’s , without a riguros  

management plan the population of the wild animals start to decline, especially in the accessible areas. Fortunately, the main nuclei of our wildlife remains untouched or with very little damage from the poachers. In  2011 most of our best hunting ground became private and wild life starts blooming.


In Romania minimum size of a hunting ground is 5000 hectares in flat areas, 7500 hectares in hilly areas and 10 000 hectares in the mountains. We are the country with the lowest number of fenced hunting areas in Europe, 99.9 % form our hunting grounds are open. Romania have been blessed with perfect balance between flat areas, hilly areas and mountain areas.


Romania and his hunting traditions


In Romania, hunting is regarded as a privilege, not a right, and is surrounded by a nostalgic and romantic aura as people pursue it as a noble passion, complete with certain rituals like botez vanatoresc or tablou vanatoresc, some kind of final parade after the hunting day. Tradition dictates that in big game hunting, in respect for the game and hunt, a tablou, a final parade of the game must be created, where all game is lined up for inspection, cleaned up as much as possible, with small green branches in their mouths, in a photographic pose and by the hunting master, together with the other hunters and their guns, and photographs are taken as a memory. Our country has two hunting museums. First one is Hunting Museum of Posada in Prahova county, hosting nationally celebrated writer Mihail Sadoveanu’ s collection. More known is the August Von Spiess Museum of Hunting and Hunting Arms, in Sibiu,  last one of 1600 pieces.


Climate of Romania


The climate is temperate continental climate in transition. The average annual temperature is 11 °C (51.8 °F) in the south and middle-south and 8 °C (46.4 °F) in northeast. In Bucharest, the temperature ranges from average low −5 °C (23 °F) in January to average high 29 °C (84.2 °F) in July and August, with average temperatures of −3 °C (26.6 °F) in January and 23 °C (73.4 °F) in July and August. Rainfall, although adequate throughout the country, decreases from west to east and from mountains to plains. Some mountainous areas receive more than 1,010 mm (39.8 in) of precipitation each year. Annual precipitation averages about 635 mm (25 in) in central Transylvania.

Winters are quite cold, with average highs even in lower-lying areas being no more than 3 °C (37.4 °F) and below −15 °C (5 °F) in the highest mountains.


Species to hunt in Romania and hunting season


Main hunting season in Romania is from 15 September to 15 December for most of the species. Exceptions are the roe bucks that can be hunt between 1 of May until 15 October and wild boars that can be hunted year around.

For brown bear we use to have 2 seasons, spring season and fall season. We still hope the government will reopen the bear hunts in 2019.

Romania offers a good selection of European trophy hunts including red stag, chamois, roe buck, wild boar, fallow buck and hopefully brown bear. As bird hunting we can hunt quail, dove, wild pheasant, wild ducks, geese, woodcock and capercaillie.


Bowhunting in Romania


Unfortunately in Romania bowhunting is not allowed!


Traveling with firearms and ammunition


Depending from the country you come from you have quite a few airlines you can choose from, each one with his own rule and regulations. For this reason is better to have a traveling agent or at least to send us an email regarding the company you prefer.


Importation of firearms and ammunition in Romania


For hunting in Romania you are allowed to bring 2 rifles and 2 shotgun. Only 200 shells are allowed and only 100 bullets same caliber as the rifles. Black powder rifle and handgun are not allowed to be  imported in Romania.

Semi-automatic rifles and shotguns are allowed to be imported in  Romania but not more that 3 rounds in the chamber.


In order to hunt in Romania you will need:


  1. A valid hunting license in your home country or elsewhere;
  2. Gun permit. If you are an European hunter you will need European gun passport and if you are an US hunter, will need a 4457 form filled by your local police with your name and your gun serial number and brand. If you don’t know what is a 4457 form please send us an email and we will send you some reference with our formal clients from your state that will be able to explain you better what to do it;
  3. Hunting insurance against incidents. If you don’t have it, we can made one for you here in Romania. Please note that our hunting insurance is made only to cover your stay here in Romania.

We recommend that you purchase hunt insurance after booking your hunt in case you need to cancel your trip to Romania for any reason, and to obtain the usual travel insurance benefit. If you plan travel with your gun you will need a hunting invitation from our side. If you are not an European citizen we need to issue that at least 10 days before your arrival.

American citizens do not require a VISA to travel to Romania, nor most of European citizens. If you are planning to stop over in other countries before or after the hunt it is prudent to check with the embassy/consulate for the countries you intend to visit. Romania is a very safe country and you don’t have to worry about anything. More than this one of our outfitters will be with you from the time of your arrival until departure.