Chamois hunting in Romania

Romania has the biggest chamois subspecies Rupicapra rupicapra carpatica and she lives only here in Romania.

  • The biggest subspecies in the world.
  • Season start from 1 of September to 31 December.
  • High success rate for chamois hunting in Romania.
  • Great trophy quality.
  • You can combo with brown bear, wild boar, fallow and red stag.
Chamois hunting in Romania

Chamois hunting in Romania

Although Romania holds the biggest chamois subspecies in the world, the numbers of the animals is not that high like other smaller subspecies of chamois. Because of this fact it is vital to hunt in the areas with the most dense population of chamois. Another very important thing to mention here, thing that not all outfitters will mention, is chamois in Romania can be found in 2 different types of terrain.

Alpine hunt

Where the hunt is conducted in the high mountains. Best destination for chamois hunting in Romania is Fagaras mountains, of course. We have here 3 hunting grounds with a total of more than 50.000 hectares, all district with his own characteristics. Particularly one area, despite the low quota, or maybe even because of that, produce every year 80% trophies between 110 and 120 CIC points.

Subalpine area

Subalpine area, a little bit higher than trees limit and sometimes even under this limit. We have one area like this in county of Gorj, High density of chamois and good quality as well. The best record from this area is 132 CIC points.

Chamois hunting

Shooting distance for chamois hunt is normally over 200 meters, so flat caliber rifles and range finders are mandatory. Our guides will also carry a spotting scope to judge the size of your trophy better. The hunt starts by climbing up the mountains at the first light. and ends in the afternoon. Sometimes even spend the night in the cabin in the mountains .

The hunt is most of the time physically demanding, but our guides will give your the time to rest whenever you need it. Weather and timing are very important factors in a successful hunt. Best time is between 15 October to 15 November during the rut time. Both female and male have horns, the only difference is that the female horns are a little bit thinner and the male horns are more curved. Most of our chamois hunt are very demanding but we also have every year very few spots for those who can not climb.

Lodging and food

Generally the accommodation is on the base of the mountains in a cosy pension or hunting lodge in single room and sometimes if the hunters agree, one or two nights can be spend in a cabin on the top of the mountains. As always food is delicious and we recommend you to try Romanian food but we also have international dishes. For those who have special diet, please advise us in front.


All transport in Romania is provided by us including transfer from the airport to the hotel and back and it is included in the price of your trip. Inside of the hunting areas you will have 4×4 cars.

Price of the chamois hunting in Romania

Our price package for chamois hunts starts at 1200 euro.

Included in the price:

-outfitter assistance at the airport for rifle import in Romania;

-transport from the airport to the hunting area and back;

-transport in the hunting area;

-single room accommodation;

-all meals with soft drinks for the whole duration of your stay;

-hunting license and hunting permit;

-hunting invitation;

-outfitter presence for the whole duration of your trip, from the moment of your arrival until your departure;

-first preparation of your trophies;

-veterinary certificate;

-VAT taxes;

-hunting insurance;

-DIP and PACK of your trophy.

Not included in the price:

-trophy fee;

-donkey or horse transport of the hunter in the mountains, if required;

-alcoholic drinks;

-shipment of your trophies;

-rent of our rifles, if necessary for 30 euro per day;

-airplane tickets.

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