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El milagro de los milagros, nunca conocido, permanece, por los siglos de los siglos, la resurrección de los muertos de nuestro Señor Jesús Cristo. Este milagro está fuera de [...]

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  Hunting and religion – The miracle of miracles, never known, remains, for ever and ever, the resurrection from the dead of our Lord Jesus Christ. This Miracle is [...]

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Where are biggest brown bear from Europe?

Where are biggest brown bear from Europe? The answer is simple and nobody can argue with that, Romania! With more than 60% of total European brown bear population and first [...]

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Feeding hunting dogs

How to feed your hunting dogs When it comes to feeding our hunting dogs, it is natural to give all the care and attention. The amount of nutrients needed for [...]

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Free hunt for one hunter and one observer, including 2 roebucks and one wild boar

Dear friend, if you are here it means you probably find out about our special free hunt. If not, here are all details.   WE OFFER 3 HUNTING DAYS, 4 [...]

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Duck hunting in Romania, when is the best time to do it….

From all small game hunts, duck hunting has always been fascinating me even since I was a beginner. Maybe because of the sound of the landing duck, or [...]

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Deer pastrami

Considered a true culinary star of the autumn, deer pastrami is a delicious, but not for everybody And that’s not because of the difficulty of preparing, but rather [...]

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Over and under vs side by side shotguns and bolt action vs semi-auto rifles

OVER AND UNDER OR SIDE BY SIDE: THE ADVANTAGES OF STACKED BARRELS When every serious clay-competition, including Olympic disciplines was won by those using over and under shotguns it [...]

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Is the brown bear hunting allowed in Romania?

Is the brown bear hunting allowed in Romania? – The answer is NO, IT IS NOT!!!! AT THIS MOMENT, TODAY 28 JUNE 2018, brown bear hunting in Romania [...]

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Wild boar baiting tips and techniques

Wild boar is the species with the largest spread in the entire European continent. Therefore the interest among the hunters is very high. While the common way of [...]

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