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Wild duck sour soup recipe

Wild duck soup recipe Although all my childhood I had wild duck meat on the table, I started to love it when I became older. Its taste is unmistakable [...]

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Romanian wild boar stew recipe

Today we will present you a culinary delight from wild boar meat. This meat is similar with pork taste, but it has the flavor and specificities of the [...]

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CIC measurement system

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Quail hunting in Romania

Quails and doves

I have been asked many times which of my small game packages are the most interesting and worth to be done. What can I say? All my packages are [...]

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Reasons to join our newsletter

There is nothing worst than having an email box with 85% spam, 10% ”readable” email and only 5% useful emails. You already know that and I know that. This [...]

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Roe deer hunting in Romania HOME

Interesting facts about roe bucks hunt in Romania: ? When, Where and How?

Along with wild boars, roe bucks are the most hunted species in all Europe. And if the driven hunt or the size of a big wild boar male [...]

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Documents, Visa and all you need to know before travel to Romania

What documents do I need? In order to hunt in Romania you will need: 1. A valid hunting license in your hem country or elsewhere 2. Gun permit. If [...]

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No other species can match the popularity of driven hunts due to his unpredictability and the adrenaline involve. 

 Movies have been made and hundreds of articles are written every year in hunting magazines all over Europe. What else can I say about this wonderful creature, that [...]

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