Roe deer hunting in Romania


  • Hunting season from 1 of May until the 15 of October.
  • Spot and Stalk
  • 100% Success rate for roe deer hunting in Romania
  • Great trophy quality
  • You can combo with wild boar hunting.
Roe deer hunting in Romania

Roe deer hunting in Romania

There are 2 major periods for roe deer hunting in Romania: May month, when the season starts and last days of July, first days of August in the middle of the rut season.

Most of outfitters from Romania, including ours, will conduct the hunting for roe buck by spot and stalk. Basically, what you do is driving around with the car inside the hunting grounds, mostly in the areas where the local rangers know the animals like it, or in the places where they spotted the animals days before your arrival. Once the buck is spot it, you will stop the car and try to stalk the animal.

We target old, mature animals over 6 years old. There two kinds of bucks that hunters are looking for, trophy bucks and abnormal bucks. The bucks starts to degenerate after a certain age and the antlers will begin to grow smaller and smaller with every year.. The hunting for roe deer is done early in the morning and late afternoon. Shooting distance is somewhere between 15 to 150 meters and sometimes even 200 meters. Every day, the hunter can shot one or 2 bucks or even 10 bucks, depending on the client wish and the hunted area, of course. Some areas have a quota of only 15 bucks but almost 30% are gold medals and some areas have 150 bucks on the quota and they only produce 1 or 2 gold medal heads.

Best periods for roe buck hunting in Romania are at the beginning of the season between 1 of May and up to 20 of May and last days of July and first week of August, during the rut time.


Depending on the hunted area, accommodation will be in 3 or 4 stars hotels or in the hunting lodges. Accommodation is always in single rooms unless you travel with your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend. Food is delicious and we recommend you to try romanian food but we also have international dishes. For those who have special culinary preferences or have a special diet, please advise us in front.


All transport in Romania is provided by us including transfer from the airport to the hotel and back and it is included in the price of the trip.

Inside of the hunting areas you will have 4×4 cars.

Price of the roe deer hunting in Romania

Our price package for roebuck starts at 1000 euro.

Included in the price:

-outfitter assistance at the airport for rifle import in Romania;

-transport from the airport to the hunting area and back;

-transport in the hunting area;

-single room accommodation;

-all meals with soft drinks for the whole duration of your stay;

-hunting license and hunting permit;

-hunting invitation;

-outfitter presence for the whole duration of your trip, from the moment of your arrival until your departure;

-first preparation of your trophies;

-veterinary certificate;

-VAT taxes;

-hunting insurance;

-DIP and PACK of your trophy.

Not included in the price:

-trophy fee (unless you don’t have a package or an offer with bucks included);

-alcoholic drinks;

-shipment of your trophies;

-rent of our rifles, if necessary fr 30 euro per day;

-airplane tickets.