Documents, Visa and all you need to know before travel to Romania

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What documents do I need?

In order to hunt in Romania you will need:
1. A valid hunting license in your hem country or elsewhere
2. Gun permit. If you are an European hunter you will need European gun passport and if you are an US hunter, will need a 4457 form filled by your local police with your name and your gun serial number and brand. If you don’t know what is a 4457 form please send us an email and we will send you some reference with our formal clients from your state that will be able to explain you better what to do it.
3. Hunting insurance against incidents. If you don’t have it, we can made one for you here in Romania. Please note that our hunting insurance is made only to cover your stay here in Romania.
We recommend that you purchase hunt insurance after booking your hunt in case you need to cancel your trip to Romania for any reason, and to obtain the usual travel insurance benefit. If you plan travel with your gun you will need a hunting invitation from our side. If you are not an European citizen we need to issue that at least 10 days before your arrival.

Do I need a visa?

American citizens do require a VISA to travel to Romania, nor most of European citizens. If you are planning to stop over in other countries before or after the hunt it is prudent to check with the embassy/consulate for the countries you intend to visit.

What clothing should I bring?

Please send us an email for a general guide list on what to bring depending on what animals you will hunt.

It is require any vaccinations to travel to Romania?

No vaccinations are required.

How long does it take to get my trophies home?

It can takes approximately 90 days for your trophies to arrive at your taxidermist if you are an European hunter and up to 6 months if you are an US hunter.

Can my trophies be mounted in Romania?

Yes, we are happy to help you with that, but we do recommend that you need to mount your trophy in your home country.

Are there any snakes in Romania?

We have one small poisonous snake in Romania, but never ever an incident with a hunter have been reported.

Do I have to pay any license fees?

No – Our packages are all inclusive

Do you hunt in fenced areas?

No, unless you don”t require so. In Romania there are very few hunting areas where you can hunt in and most of our outfitters offers only wild hunts.

Do I need to bring my own rifle?

We advise you to do it. Custom formalities are very easy and will take only 10 minutes at the border.However, if you like travel without guns we can offer you very nice Blaser’s with Swarovski scopes or Stayer Mannlicher.

Is bow hunting allowed in Romania?


Can I take my meat home?

It’s extremely difficult to take your meat back home and for some countries is impossible, but if you told us in front we can arrange to cook some of your venison no matter you will stay in a hotel or hunting lodge.

What if me and my family wants to stay in Romania for a vacation after my hunt?

We are not a professional tourist guides, but I like to think that me and my guides are warm, helpful and friendly persons and you will have a nice vacation with us! You can contact us directly to discuss options.

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