Five reasons for hunting in Romania

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I think Romania has too many things to offer so is really difficult for me to choose only 5 reasons to hunt in our wonderful country. Still let’s give a try.

1. All animals are totally wild and free roaming.  Very few people knows that Romania has the lowest number of fenced area in Europe.
Maybe because we don’t need it. Or maybe because the hunting pressure is very low in Romania. We only have 50000 hunters in Romania. By comparison, Hungary has 55000 hunters for a  total surface and population half of Romania. We also have the largest and the highest number of  big carnivores in Europe. Bears, wolves and lynx will kill the weakest animals, maintaining a strong, healthy and wildest population of red deer, fallow deer, wild boar, chamois and roe deer.
2. Hunting in Romania = Great trophies. We have to mention here that Romania holds the first 19 top world trophies, first 10 world european brown bear trophies. And I honestly believe that it should be the same with red deer, fallow deer and roe deer. If other countries did not interfere with hormones and release animals with strong pedigree.
3. You will hunt in huge areas.  A minimum hunting area all over Romania is 5000 hectares,about 12300 acres,  in the flat areas, 7500 hectares, about 18500 acres, in the hilly areas and 10000 hectares, about 24700 acres for mountains areas. Management of the huntable wild game population is much more easy in large areas. Actually only here in large area we can talk about management of the game population.
4. A large variety of huntable species. In Romania you can hunt brown bear, red deer, fallow deer, chamois, wild boar, roe deer, wolf and many birds game species.For birds hunter Romania is one of the very few places in the world where you hunt fieldfare, european quail and skylark.
5. Affordable prices.  With little higher prices than Poland but smaller than Hungary and Bulgaria, hunting in Romania is a good investment in a hunting trip.  Services are excellent and most of the outfitters will includes transport from the airport and back, hunting licence, hunting invitation, veterinary certificates, single room accommodation and first preparation of the trophy in the daily fees.
As a last piece of advice, if you want to hunt in Romania in the near future, is a good idea to submit to few newsletter of Romanian outfitters for cancellation and promotional hunts.
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