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Hunting and religion – The miracle of miracles, never known, remains, for ever and ever, the resurrection from the dead of our Lord Jesus Christ. This Miracle is out of nature, specific to earthly life. “He, one, the son of God, has risen from the dead, with death to death by trembling.”

While the whole human being and the other beings on Earth, alongside whom we cohabit, as they have a beginning, they all have an end. Individuals are born, grow, give birth to the next generation, aging and die.It’s just that, for each, the end is different.

Some have a longer life, others shorter, followed by a quick or slow, violent or natural ending. So, in the chain of life, it is natural and justifiable for an individual to disappear. Either at the end of his life or as a prey to another species, speaking of hunting, which is at a higher level in this chain. ” In other words, there is nothing beyond the nature of life on earth.

What is so true is that not all hunting comes to an end because of the predators. The fact, in itself, ensures species continuity and hunting-game interdependence. But I heard voices saying that hunting is a sin. Because the hunter did not give life to the creatures to take them, but God. I do not say NO, I accept and such a view.

But let’s see what the Bible says about hunting:

“God blessed Noah and his sons, and said: “Be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth. Fear and fear of you be over all the living creatures of the earth. Over the birds of the sky, over all the creatures that smote upon the earth, and over all the fish of the sea. They are given to you. Everything that moves and has life will be your food. As I gave you the green plants, now I give you everything.” (Genesis 9: 1-3)
So by His commandments God blesses, not condemn hunting.

The Bible also tells that Esau “has become a skilful hunter, a man who spends more time in the field.” (Genesis 25:27). When Isaac, his father, wanted to bless Esau, he gave him the following assignment: “Bring me venison and make me a meal to eat, and I will bless you before the Lord, before my death.” (Genesis 27: 7)

Hunting, just like religion, is incomplete without death. It is indeed a religion, older, deeper and more visceral than Judaism or Christianity, or even Islam, as old as at least the pleistocene mural paintings in Dordogne or Altamira. “It has his own prayers, blessings combined with prayers of forgiveness every time the hunted animal dies; has its own dark sacraments, rituals and symbols, its own distinct art.”  (Robert Jones)
Thanks to the hunt the human species survived. Thanks to the hunters, the food chain has been maintained from the beginning until now. Otherwise, God, through His commandments, would have told the whole world that hunting is a sin.

Hunting Today

Naturally, hunting is no longer just a means of obtaining food for Homo Sapiens. Today, hunting is the job that brings with it unpredictable emotional satisfaction. The real hunter of our days, merged with Nature, is one with his hunting and his living environment. The real hunter of our days is experiencing moments of “pride and remorse” when he reaches his target. Pride, for the proof of of learning the hunting art, and remorse, for the animal he shortened his days. Even though he is aware that God has so commanded that man be the greatest of all creatures. The true hunter is aware that “all creatures… are given into possession” of man, and therefore how he will possess, so will have.

The hunt must not be a success. On the contrary, if the hunter’s efforts were always successful, inevitably, successfully, this effort would not be called hunting, but something else… The beauty of hunting is that hunting is always problematic… Without doubt, man stretches the animal’s limitations (ecological distance) deliberately and at will. He could easily annihilate, quickly and easily, most animal species, or at least those in whose hunt he finds pleasure… “There is, therefore, in hunting as a sport, a supreme renunciation of man to the supremacy of his humanity ” (Jose Ortega y Gasset).

Hunting is not just the action of acquisition of game

It is known that hunting is not just the action of acquisition of game. It gives the man “flooded” by civilization the opportunity to return to nature, to become familiar with the wild environment, to study and understand the ecology and ethology of hunting, to be one with it. The hunt also gives man the opportunity to regain his place and balance in Nature, which he needs so much, especially nowadays.

That is why I often ask myself and ask you, what other occupation, rather than hunting, develops the attention, the spirit of observation, the perseverance, the courage and the determination? Which? She, hunting, cherishes and cements, to the greatest extent, the character of man. Starting from this truth, I would like to know: a civilized contemporary society needs people of these qualities, or what?

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  • Johan Odendaal Reply

    Amen! God created the earth and all in it and man to have dominion over it, that includes hunting!


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