Is the brown bear hunting allowed in Romania?

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Is the brown bear hunting allowed in Romania? – The answer is NO, IT IS NOT!!!! AT THIS MOMENT, TODAY 28 JUNE 2018, brown bear hunting in Romania is suspended! I thought it was clear for everybody, until few days ago, when we received an email with an inquire from a hunter regarding a brown bear hunt in this fall. Of course we reply that for the moment the brown bear in Romania is suspended and we hope they will re-open in this fall but we can not take bookings. The hunter ask me if I am sure because he found some info over the internet where they say Romania has re-open the bear hunts.

And here what I found:…-of-bears-and-wolves
Coming from such a prestigious organisation, no doubt people will believe.
Now look what is the real situation in Romania.

Indeed the actual Environment Minister Gratiela Gavrilescu, announced that UP TO 140 PROBLEM bears can be killed or relocated.
But for this bears can not be hunt by foreign hunters, not even by Romanian hunters. They need to be killed by local rangers and only the bears are making problems. And most important issue, for those bears, nobody will issue a CITES certificate and without the CITEs, TROPHIES CAN NOT BE EXPORTED!
Good news are that are rumours the bear hunt will be reopen in this but until official announcement, nobody should book a bear hunt in Romania.

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