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There is nothing worst than having an email box with 85% spam, 10% ”readable” email and only 5% useful emails.

You already know that and I know that. This is the reason that even our website was build with a newsletter section, I never use it until this year when I decided that this newsletter can be real helpful for both clients and outfitters. Here are some stories from last year when a newsletter email would help both us and potential clients.

In January we received an email form a Austrian hunter who wanted to make a birthday present for his old father, a bear hunt but he ask for a fix price for a bear regardless of size and he has a budget of only 6000 euro for the whole trip. His father birthday was on 3 or 4 May, if I remember correctly and the trip had to be near that date.

I come from a long family of hunters and I really appreciate this gesture so I decided to help the guy. I talk with a friend of mine and he told me he had a perfect bear for the father An old bear who made him a lot of problems with the shepherds in his area and he really need to get ride off.

The son book the hunt but only 8 days before the hunt he sent me an email, he was sorry but the father was not feeling well and he will not come.

I told this to my friend and he ask me to find a hunter for a reasonable price. Short story is that I couldn’t find other client.

I paid 2000 euro and I shot the bear myself., who score 452 CIC points. The things should been different if 1000 or 2000 hunters have been informed by a newsletter email about this. Don’t you think so?

Last days of April I received a phone call from one of my landowners. He told me that he has a buck with a big “tumor”: around his antlers and ask me to sent a veterinary to see what is all about. Since I already had a hunch I sent one of my guides instead and he confirm my supposition. The “tumor” buck was a splendid perruque trophy. The landowner was afraid that this buck will infect the others and he wanted him death. I ask for a delay of one week but once again I failed find a trophy collector and this buck was shot by the landowner and burned.
Once again the newsletter could make the difference than.

End of May, some land owner told me he has a huge buck and he was willing to sell it for 800 euro. This buck I saw it with my own eyes. It was way over 600 grams netto, a buck of a life time. I phone one of my friend form UK, he was eager to come but the only time frame available for him was end of rut and only for 2 days. Worst time possible. We didn’t get him.

I am sure if in that period I use newsletter that buck was on the walls of one of our clients and for way less than half of normal price.

And the examples can go with 2 stags cancellation for only 1500 euro, one chamois for trophy fee only and a last minute cancellation in December for a wild boar driven hunt in my best area.

And those were only the cancellation that I remember from last year.

We have to mention that every season we grow up our hunting areas with at least one or two areas for every species and although the number of animals and size of the trophies are careful check weeks before by our outfitters, first hunt is always an exploratory hunt where the hunter pays only our costs and no other fees.

As you can see there are plenty of reasons to sign-up our newsletter but if for some reasons you fear that your schedule is too crowded and for sure you can not take advantage by none of our offers and you will be very disappointed, or you will have problems with your wife because you will come too often in Romania, don.t worry. The process is reversible and you can always unsubscribe.

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