Romanian wild boar stew recipe

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Today we will present you a culinary delight from wild boar meat. This meat is similar with pork taste, but it has the flavor and specificities of the wild game. We invite you to try the wild boar stew with polenta. This recipe is a real treat for our friends or family:

Ingredients for wild boar stew and polenta:
– 5-6 medium sized onions,
– 3 carrots,
– oil,
– 1kg and half of boar (preferably without bone),
– 250 ml of smash tomatoes,
– 1 tablespoon of sugar,
– pepper,
– a medium chili,
– some bay leaves,
– basil,
– thyme,
– few pieces of garlic,
– a glass of white wine,
– a few tablespoons of wheat flour,
– dill,
– salt.

Wild boar stew with polenta – Method of preparation

For this stew we need a rather large saucepan around 6 to 7 liters.

Onions and carrots have to be clean and wash and then left to drain. We chopped the onion in small pieces and the carrots in rounds. Wash the meat well, leave it to drain and cut into small pieces.
In a large saucepan, oil is placed. Leave until it gets hot, then add onions, carrots and meat. Leave until all of this turns brown.

Add the smash tomatoes , sugar, one big cup of water around 1000 ml and boil for medium heat. After about 10 minutes, add pepper, salt, bay leaves, basil, thyme and wine.

After another 45-55 minutes, add a mixture of two to three tablespoons of flour and water over the meat. Put garlic and chilli peppers (to be chopped before). Let’s cook for about 15 minutes. If needed, add some water. We put the chopped dill, leave a minute, and we turn out the fire.

Now we can deal with the polenta. In one non-stick pan, salt water is boiled and sprinkled and a little corn flour. Then, when the water is boiling, add the corn flour gradually, stirring to make no cocoons. Everything boils on a small fire, about 15 minutes.

The boar stew and polenta can be served along with a glass of white wine.

Good appetite!

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