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One of the most important species of hunting in Romania, the wild boar has always caused fiery passions among  brothers in guns. In the hill area and even higher in the mountain, wild boar is undoubtedly the main hunting animal. Being the species with the largest spread in the entire Romanian landscape. They can be seen from the alpine gulf to the Black Sea coastline, and missing in a very few forests. The main forest species where they live are the hardwoods. Especially oak trees and beech trees, where they can easily obtain their food for example, from acorns or from beach nuts. It also fed with ferns, reed rhizomes and other plants.

Wild boar lover of fruits

A great and passionate lover of fruits, wild boar encounters under apple, pear, plum or walnut and chestnut are not random. We can also find wild boars in wheat fields in summer and in the autumn we will find them in corn fields. Often they can be seen in fields cultivated with potatoes, carrots or topinambur. And signs made by wild boar long nose  looks like long and deep natural furrows. According to the research that has been made over the years, the wild boar,being an omnivorous animal. Its food is also constituted by a fairly high percentage of 15% of different animals. They eat with great pleasure larvae of insects or small mammals, being undoubtedly an opportunity for nutrition.

The rut period

The rut period lasts from the end of the autumn to the middle of December. During this period, big males roams big forests long after the sun rises. Night nocturnal as well as crepuscular, having a developed myopia. The wild boar senses is based especially on the hearing and the smell. Mainly, to protect themselves from enemies and to feed. Besides the solitary boar, over 2, 3 years old, the wild boar populations live in larger or smaller groups led by a female called the traditional scrofa conductor.

Well knowing the topography of the area but also with daily dangers, knowing trails that sometimes stretch over 40-50 kilometers as well old leading females carry heards strictly, respecting a very well-defined hierarchy. Always the female alpha will be followed by a beta female then coming after age, others and others, the last ones being the youngest piglets. Also, the selection of the wild boar, starts with juveniles from back of the heard. In the flat areas, when large crops are still standing, such as corn or sunflower. Wild boar does not migrate to the forest shelter until the land it is restored to farmland. After a gestation of 17 weeks,4 to 8 piglets are born with a weight of only 800-900 grams each.

Wild boar recorded specimens

Here begins the growth that can sometimes lead in Romania to males over 300 kilograms. The males 2-4 years old is the package of pigs youngsters. Middle-aged are between 5 and 8 years. And those over that age are the old and strong soldiers, really wanted by the skillful hunters. Along the years and special observation were recorded specimens. Over 15-16 years and who had a trophy with a tucks length of 27-28 cm. In this respect it is relevant the 5th place in the world won by Romania in 1978 at Ciornuleasa forest. A male whose trophy had a value of 144.00 points certified at the 1980 International Exhibition. Just a stable and grown population in an absolutely natural way has been able to provide valuable wild boar trophies over the years

The main way to hunt the wild boar is undoubtedly driven hunt. With or without dogs and only with beaters this way of hunting is on the other hand one special way to socialize and be together with friends in happy moments. The adrenaline in the high and rare or thick and small forests and the placement of a quick and fair fire in the biotope where the boars slept overnight are the true values ​​of the real hunter. The barking of the dogs trying to keep the big males on the spot, or the dogs chasing wild boars herds towards the line of the hunters will make the majority of wild boar hunters to prefer this type of hunt.

Bait hunt

Bait hunt, is another hunting method loved by many of us. The patient, calmness and control of adrenaline are only a few of the hunter’s qualities necessary for the bait hunt. The twilight and then darkness are obstacles that entertain this great passion. Because what is more beautiful than the astonishment of the moment of the fireshot.

Very few scenery can be the match the beauty of a full moon and the snow seen in the woods, when, as the elders say, “you can read the newspaper.” Here patience will always make the difference, because always small boars come first and in the end the oldest trophies. In Romania bait hunt has three opportunities that bring the boars in the gun range. Beside the known path of the boars when they leave the sleeping places for the water or the bath. Or near the feeding places, whether natural (corn, wheat or acorn, jar, nuts, chestnuts, poles). Or artificial ones, both for feed and for hunting. Another hunting method, probably the most interesting but also the most demanding, is stalking.

Stalking wild boar is only for the most experienced hunters

Practiced as opposed to bait or driven is done mostly in the morning but also late evening, stalking wild boar is only for the most experienced hunters. Even if it is summer, fall or winter on fresh snow tracking a wild boar must take into account the wind direction, the light rays position and the terrain configuration. The control of adrenaline and the calm of the shooter will give the fireshot precision as well as the choosing the right trophy. Placing a bullet in the desired animal requires, on the other hand, a good physical condition along with an experienced hunter. We should mention here that in the hunting areas with a rich population of wild boar, during the rut when the fights between the boars can be heard from a long distance. This kind of hunting can be extended until later with guaranteed success.

Hunting trips for wild boar will

Unlike the other Western and Southern European countries, Romania has a much larger population in both males and females. This fact obviously results in much larger, more valuable trophies. The so well-diversified Romanian biotopes have made this species to know over the years an increased prosperity. In recent years due to the revival of agriculture but also the massive forest cuttings along with the prolificity of the specimen led to the increase of number of specimens in some places in huge numbers. Thus feeling the urgency of both fast and determined interventions. With maximum success guarantees, hunting trips for wild boar will definitely become unforgettable moments and of high quality.

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