Wounding and losing an animal

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I want to write today about a subject that everybody hate it and hope they will never experience. But unfortunately hunting can be like this.
Wounding and losing an animal. Here are some tips about what you should do in  order to minimize the risk of this unpleasant event.

Check the accuracy of your rifle

First and one of the most importants steps is to check the accuracy of your rifle. We have 2 situation here:
1. You have your own rifle. You used it before on many successful hunts and you know you can hit a coin of one euro at 100 meters. What you don’t know is what happened during the transportation of the rifle. Maybe a green people handle your rifle box at the airport. Who knows?   As general gold rule, always shoot your rifle before the hunt. I must admit that I ask that for 2 reasons. First to check if the rifle is ok and second to check how good is the hunter. If he hits the target in the middle I will be more relax and let him shot from more difficult position. If he hits the target in the corner, I will do my best to get him as close as possible to the animal.
2. You rent or borrow the rifle from your outfitter. Don’t be shy. Shot as many bullets as possible until you get used with the rifle and the scope.
Second step is to have an honest conversation with your outfitter before the hunt start. Not everybody is a sniper. Hunter is more than an accurate shooter. If you don’t feel confident for shot longer than 150 meters, is not a problem. It is our job as outfitters to put you in the right place for the right animal. This is one of the reasons that you are paying us!


One of the most common mistakes that a hunter can make is to shot because the animal is about to run, enter in a bush or turn his back. If you will ever be in a situation like this or when you feel that you need to push the trigger in the next second, don’t do it!!!
I know time is the most important and most valuable thing  that we have but believe me even 3 or 4 sessions on the range shooting can make the difference between a lost animal and a trophy on your walls.
An important advice is to avoid neck shot. I know that for some big animals like neck looks like a decent size target, the killing zone is much smaller. So, don’t do it!
Good luck!


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